WP Media Category Management Plugin

This WP Media Category Management plugin will ease the management of media categories.
It supports categories for media using either the existing post categories or a dedicated media_category custom taxonomy. The plugin supports easy category toggling on the media list page view and also bulk toggling for multiple media at once. It now also supports post tags and media taxonomies defined by other plugins.

The main benefits:

  • Use post categories or dedicated media categories.
  • Control your media categories via admin the same way as post categories.
  • Bulk toggle any media taxonomy assignment from Media Library via admin.
  • Filter media files in Media Library by your custom taxonomies, both in List and Grid view.
  • Use new or existing shortcode to filter the media on galleries in posts and pages.
  • Use a default category while uploading (see FAQ section).

Premium Features:

  • Use functionality to manage whether users are allowed or disallowed to manage media.
  • Use WPMCM Gallery block to filter the media on galleries in posts and pages.
  • Filter media per user on several places like List or Grid view and showing media with block or shortcode.
  • Export MCM Categories and / or attachment information filtered by user.
  • Use WP Importer functionality for exported information, even on sites without WP MCM Premium installed.
  • Use WPMCM Gallery block layout when using wp-mcm shortcode to filter the media in posts and pages.

The screenshots for this plugin:

  1. The admin page showing the options for this plugin:
    • Toggle Assign
      When the number of categories increases, so will the number of toggles shown for each media item in the media list view. If this takes too much space, use this option to disable showing the category toggles. Of course it will still be possible to toggle the categories in bulk with the bulk action button and with the checkboxes in the individual media editing mode. By default, this option is set.
    • Media Taxonomy To Use
      By default, WordPress already supports a number of taxonomies. The value selected with this drop down list determines which taxonomy to use for toggling and bulk functionality. It shows all taxonomies currently in use for attachments, including the number of attachments used by that taxonomy. By default, the plugin supports the new MCM Category taxonomy.
    • Name for Custom MCM Taxonomy
      This option enables to change the display name for the custom taxonomy. It is in effect when a previously registered and used taxonomy is selected in the Media Taxonomy To Use option. There is also an option to define the singular name to be used for display.
    • Use Default Category
      This option determines whether or not to use a default category when adding or editing an attachment. When editing the attachment, this option only has effect when there was no category used before.
    • Default Media Category
      This option defines the default category to be used when importing or uploading new media files or editing an existing attachment. The list of categories shown depends on the Media Taxonomy To Use option selected.
    • Use Post Taxonomy
      By default, WordPress already supports a category taxonomy for posts. This same taxonomy can be used for media files too. This option enables the support for this taxonomy. By default, this option is disabled.

2. Managing the new Media Category taxonomy.

3. Setting Media Category options for a media post.

4. Media List page view showing individual toggle options for first media post.

5. Media List page view showing bulk toggle actions for selected media post.

6. Media List page view showing filter options for Media Categories.

7. Media Grid page view showing filter options for Media Categories.

8. The admin page showing the shortcode explanations for this plugin.

9. The post edit page showing an example using the wp-mcm category=”fotos” shortcode.

10. The post page showing the results of the example using the wp-mcm category=”fotos” shortcode.

11. User List page view showing additional user settings for managing media.

12. User Profile page view showing additional user settings for managing media.

13. The post edit page showing an example using the WPMCM Gallery block filtering on MCM Categories Fotos.

14. The post page showing the results of the example using the WPMCM Gallery block filtering on MCM Categories Fotos.

15. The admin page showing the options for Import – Export using this plugin.

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  1. Nice plugin! However the categorisation in EML wasn’t picked up by MCM on my site. Maybe something changed on their side after an update.
    Small issues/suggestions:
    — While using the light admin theme, the MCM plugin icon doesn’t change as the others to dark.
    — In the Media Library list, wouldn’t it be better if the Toggle (while hovering over an item) was done like this: Toggle [xxx] [yyy] [zzz], instead of Toggle [xxx] | Toggle [yyy] | Toggle [zzz] ?
    — Instead of WP MCM, why not simply Media Categories (or something similar)? You could still put credits for the plugin in the sidebar box of Edit Media and other places where there’s more of a context.

    • Thanks for the compliment and sorry it doesn’t work. Maybe a re-save of the MCM settings could help?
      Furthere my reactions to your issues:
      1. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for reporting.
      2. Good suggestion. I’ll try it in the next version. Would definitely save some space 😉
      3. I tend to think it might confuse things. Also because there is already an additional menu entry “MCM Categories” in the Media menu. The WP MCM menu entry is mainly meant to support the settings for this plugin.

      Thanks again for the reactions.

  2. Hi,
    Looks like a perfect plugin!
    Would it be possible to create a front-end plugin for this that shows all the categories and images added to the them?

    • Thanks for the compliment.
      And your suggestion could be possible, there is already some front-end functionality in the [wp_mcm] shortcode.
      What exactly do you have in mind?
      Do you have an example?

      • With the shortcode function I need to create a page/post in wp for each gallery/category created by wp-mcm. But the structure is already on place. It would be great if these pages could be generated by itself, plus a menu (widget?) linking to all galleries.
        Maybe it could be done by a wp-mcm-category theme file similar the one used for posts?

        • Ok, I think I see what you mean.
          I’ve tested adding the media taxonomy to menu’s, that’s not working (yet). I’ll look into that.
          In the mean time maybe you could use the option to use multiple categories in the same shortcode command like this:
          “[[wp-mcm category="mediafoto,medialogo"]]“.

  3. We have been using the Enhanced Media Library plugin but have been frustrated by the lack of a bulk categorization feature. Will this plugin replace EML or enhance it as you’d done previously?

    If it replaces EML, will photos we categorized using that plugin no longer be categorized?

    Thanks for your help and for working to provide this functionality.

    • I understand the frustration. That’s mainly the reason I’ve created this plugin.
      With the last update (V1.2.0) the plugin should be capable of handling categories of other plugins like EML.
      The way to do this should be clear from the FAQ (second question).
      If it is not clear, or if it doesn’t work, please let me know.
      I’ll be happy to have a look to fix what is needed.

      • Thanks! Would we need to run both EML and MCM to keep all our media categories? Or could we get MCM and just get rid of EML?

        By the way, EML just released a paid version for bulk categorizing. If MCM does all we need, we may skip paying for EML PRO.

        • Of course I don’t know what you need, but in my environment, MCM can operate without EML.
          I first created some media categories using EML and then configured MCM to use the EML taxonomy.
          Please do note that MCM only supports a single taxonomy (at the same time).
          However, after reading the PRO documentation, I tend to believe that MCM even offers more bulk features than EML PRO. 😉

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