How to add Tagalong Categories using a Gravity Form

With GFI it is possible to add a new SLP Location using the input from a Gravity Form. For this we assume you know how to set up the form and use the GFL Mapping to do this. In order to also use the Tagalong categories, you need to do the following extra steps: In […]

How to filter media with no category assigned using WP MCM?

The WP Media Category Management plug-in (WP MCM) is created to ease the management of media categories. You can define categories and assign them to media on the Media Library page. You can even assign them in bulk for multiple media at once. To ease management even further, it is also possible to filter the […]

Enhanced Media Library

Batch manipulation with Enhanced Media Library The Enhanced Media Library plugin was developed to manage media files. The files are user managed by categories and tags. Attention: The additional functionality has been implemented in a new plugin WP Media Category Management (by De B.A.A.T. – /wp_mcm/) This plug-in is a powerful tool. But managing large […]

WP GraphViz

GraphViz is a powerful tool for visualising network and tree structures that connect objects. This WP GraphViz WordPress plugin provides a shortcode mechanism to create GraphViz graphics within blogs, using the shortcode mechanism and without the need to install a local DOT engine. It’s working is based on the viz.js code as provided by Mike […]

Store Locator Plus (EN)

The Store Locator Plus is a nice plugin that I use to show VYN members on a Google Map. The plug-in comes with a number of interesting add-ons as can be found on the home page of the developer Charleston Software Associates. “De B.A.A.T.” contributed with a number of add-ons which are currently available from […]