What is the agreement between ICT and the weather?



Almost everyone talks about it and has the know. Until the moment that you need real knowledge. Then all those “expert” turn out to be amateurs and connoisseurs working for rates that make it hard to take for ordinary entrepreneurs or non-profit organisations. Therefore I take a limited number of projects for normal rates. Why am I doing this? Because I often see that it could be better. And it’s fun and enriching to look into worlds where I would normally not come, as can be seen on the projects page.





Store Locator Plus

De B.A.A.T. is one of the contributors to the successful Store Locator Plus plug-in. For example by the development of the SLP4 Social Media Extender and SLP4 User Managed Locations add-ons.


Microsponsor WordCamp NL 2015

De B.A.A.T. is microsponsor of WordCamp Netherlands 2015.


Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland

De B.A.A.T. has created the site of Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland, the Dutch association of yoga teachers.