2.1 The organisation and ICT infrastructure

  1. SOAVIS – 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Some background information
  3. 2.1 The organisation and ICT infrastructure
  4. 2.2 Five layer SOA architecture
  5. 2.3 Additional terminology in the SOA architecture
  6. 3 Implemented SOA visualisation
  7. 3.1 Central repository
  8. 3.2 EAI Wiki
  9. 4 Future developments
  10. 5 Lessons learned

The organisation in which this project has been implemented is a telecom operator with a large IT department with a focus on the market and a centralised Corporate Services department. A team of about 50 people is concerned with the design of SOA services with an EAI middleware infrastructure.

New development is organised in projects executed by multi-disciplinary teams. The first analysis for a project is done by a team of business analysts from different departments. They base their analysis on business requirements, the information available from previous projects and existing documentation. Mainly for this purpose and maintenance it is important that the documentation describing the existing services and components is accurate and clear.

Because of the different levels of quality of the existing set of documentation, a unification project has been defined to unify the information on the set of services available. The results of this project are presented in the next chapter.

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