Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus

The Store Locator Plus is a nice plugin that I use to show VYN members on a Google Map.

The plug-in comes with a number of interesting add-ons as can be found on the home page of the developer Charleston Software Associates. “De B.A.A.T.” contributed with a number of add-ons which are currently available from this store:

  • SLP Extended Data Manager
    Add and manage new data fields to the Store Locator Plus locations and manage the interaction with data fields added by other SLP add-on packs.
  • SLP Gravity Forms Locations Free!
    Create a Gravity Form that users can interact with to add a location to your Store Locator Plus locations list.
  • SLP Gravity Forms Locations Premium!
    The premium version of the Gravity Forms Locations (Free) plugin available from the WordPress plugin directory. The premium version adds another layer of integration between Gravity Forms and Store Locator Plus. Both of the Store Locator Plus Gravity Form add-ons require Gravity Forms to be installed and active in addition to the Store Locator Plus base plugin.
  • SLP Extenders
    Which is a combination of these original add-ons:
    • SLP Event Location Manager Premium!
      Add time-based events to your Store Locator Plus location data.
    • SLP Social Media Extender Premium!
      Add social media links and icons to your Store Locator Plus locations.
    • SLP User Managed Locations Free!
      Let the users manage their own locations. The site administrator can turn the “user managed locations” on/off on a per-user basis. Once enabled the user can add, edit and delete locations they own.

Below is an example on how the results might look to visitors:

Voer een adres of postcode in en klik de vind locaties knop.