SLP Extenders

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Store Locator Plus - Extenders
An addon for Store Locator Plus
Free Via WordPress
$5 per month
$25 per month

SLP Extenders is sold via the Freemius platform. It requires Store Locator Plus 5.3.0 or higher and Power. Sites that have it installed, will need to upgrade to version 5.3 or higher.

Event Location Manager

allows you to connect time-based events to locations and search for events from the Store Locator Plus search form on your web site.

Social Media Extender

allows you to add a variety of social media information to your locations. The default installation comes pre-loaded with Facebook and Twitter as the two base social platforms. This allows you to get started immediately with the location editor and start adding Facebook and Twitter links for your locations with no further configuration required.

User Managed Locations

lets the users manage their own locations. The site administrator can turn the “user managed locations” on/off on a per-user basis. Once enabled the user can add, edit and delete locations they own without the risk of changing locations of other users.