WP Media Category Management

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WP Media Category Management
A plugin to manage media categories
Free Via WordPress
$9 per month
$25 per month

This WP Media Category Management plugin will ease the management of media categories.
It supports categories for media using either the existing post categories or a dedicated media_category custom taxonomy.
The plugin supports easy category toggling on the media list page view and also bulk toggling for multiple media at once.

The Premium version adds a number of additional features:

  • User Managed Media
    Allows for a more fine-grained way to manage which users are allowed or disallowed to manage media.
  • WP MCM Gallery Block
    A Gutenberg block to add media filtered by the same parameters as the WP-MCM shortcode. Filtering is done and can be previewed on the back-end side.
  • Import – Export
    The option to export MCM categories and filter the attachments on category and/or user. The import function uses the already present WordPress Importer.