WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator is a nice plugin to show locations on a Google map. The plugin comes with a number of add-ons as can be found via the Add-Ons page of the plugin. “De B.A.A.T.” contributes with a number of add-ons which are currently available via the Freemius platform.

  • WP Store Locator Extenders
    Which is a combination of functionalities with the following modules:
    • User Managed Locations Free!
      Let the users manage their own locations. The site administrator can turn the “user managed locations” on/off on a per-user basis. Once enabled the user can add, edit and delete locations they own.
    • Event Location Manager Premium!
      Add time-based events to your WP Store Locator location data.
    • Social Media Extender Premium!
      Add social media links and icons to your WP Store Locator locations.
  • WP Store Locator GForms
    • Create a Gravity Form that users can interact with to add a location to your WP Store Locator locations list.
    • The premium version of the Gravity Forms Locations plugin adds another layer of integration between Gravity Forms and WP Store Locator.
    • The add-on requires Gravity Forms to be installed and active in addition to the WP Store Locator base plugin.