WPSL User Managed Locations

User Managed Locations is part of the WPSL Extenders Add-On.


Adds user managed locations features to the WP Store Locator product. Requires WP Store Locator 2.2 or higher. Sites that have it installed, may need to upgrade to version 2.2 or higher.

The site administrator can allow or disallow the ability to manage locations on a user-by-user basis. If allowed the user will see a WP Store Locator / Locations menu in the sidebar of their WordPress login. When adding a location it will automatically be assigned to that user. They have full edit, delete and add capabilities for locations they own.

Administrative users on the site have full capabilities for all locations as well as the entire WP Store Locator administrative interface. Administrative users can also edit any location and set the store user field to any registered username on the system. Administrative users can change a store from being managed from one user to another, remove user-management capabilities or assign a user to any location.

If you use another plugin to manage your site roles and capabilities, a new capability is integrated into the WP Store Locator base plugin to assist the User Managed Locations add-on pack. This new role is wpsl_store_locator_user and is wrapped around various menu items to manage access for standard users and not administrative users.


User Managed Locations Settings
User Managed Locations Settings

The User Managed Locations module supports the following settings:

  • Publish location immediately? When checked a newly entered location is published immediately. When not checked, the geocode of a newly entered location is removed to block publishing. This needs the re-geocoding functionality to publish blocked locations.
  • Allow new user by default? When checked a newly added user is allowed to manage locations immediately.
  • Show edit buttons? When checked an edit button is added to assist managing a users locations (see also the screenshot below).
User Managed Locations Results
Show edit button for User Managed Locations

Additional user information

List Users
Additional user information added to user list

The regular list of all users shows some additional columns:

  • Manage Stores Shows for each user whether this user is Allowed to manage store locations or not (Disallowed).
  • Locations Shows the number of locations managed by this user or the symbol when there a no locations managed by this user.

The same information is also shown in the user profile itself as shown in the screenshot below.

User Profile
Additional information on user profile