Test GF Form

This post is used to test the number of checkboxes shown on a Gravity Form.

How to add Tagalong Categories using a Gravity Form

With GFI it is possible to add a new SLP Location using the input from a Gravity Form. For this we assume you know how to set up the form and use the GFL Mapping to do this. In order to also use the Tagalong categories, you need to do the following extra steps: In […]

Namo Light

Not just another responsive theme! The first theme for Namo Lite is clean, lightweight and fully responsive. Its not just another responsive theme – its a unique responsive theme with an attractive masonry blog layout. On the back-end it uses the user friendly theme Customize panel which allows you to easily customize your blog’s header, […]


This WP SoaVis plugin will ease the visualisation of services and their relations in a Service Oriented Architecture.

SOAVIS – Table of contents

1 Introduction 2 Some background information 2.1 The organisation and ICT infrastructure 2.2 Five layer SOA architecture 2.3 Additional terminology in the SOA architecture 3 Implemented SOA visualisation 3.1 Central repository 3.2 EAI Wiki 4 Future developments 5 Lessons learned

5 Lessons learned

This is post 10 of 10 in the series “A SOA visualisation for the Business” The main benefits of the MediaWiki used as visualisation tool are: Visibility.The EAI Wiki is an attractive presentation mechanism. Colleagues who use it, are eager to share it with others and thus spread the news. Accessibility.The EAI Wiki is accessible […]

4 Future developments

This is post 9 of 10 in the series “A SOA visualisation for the Business” As the previous chapter described the solution currently implemented, this chapter will elaborate on some ideas for future developments. Integration with performance monitoring Within the organisation, another team is working on a monitoring system to show the usage of the […]

3.2 EAI Wiki

This is post 8 of 10 in the series “A SOA visualisation for the Business” A Wiki is a web based graphical user interface commonly known from the WikiPedia web site. There are however also a number of organisations who use a Wiki as a basis for sharing knowledge within the organisation. Together with the […]

3.1 Central repository

This is post 7 of 10 in the series “A SOA visualisation for the Business” Figure 5 shows the environment of the Central Repository. The information in this repository is maintained by the EAI Design team. They add new services and update the designs of existing services. The Unification project is started to convert ‘old’ […]

3 Implemented SOA visualisation

This is post 6 of 10 in the series “A SOA visualisation for the Business” The Five Layer SOA Model presented in the previous chapter (Figure 1) is very useful as a reference for developing services in a consistent and incremental way. In this article, I concentrate on the visualisation of the information. The design […]