4 Future developments

  1. SOAVIS – 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Some background information
  3. 2.1 The organisation and ICT infrastructure
  4. 2.2 Five layer SOA architecture
  5. 2.3 Additional terminology in the SOA architecture
  6. 3 Implemented SOA visualisation
  7. 3.1 Central repository
  8. 3.2 EAI Wiki
  9. 4 Future developments
  10. 5 Lessons learned

As the previous chapter described the solution currently implemented, this chapter will elaborate on some ideas for future developments.

Integration with performance monitoring

Within the organisation, another team is working on a monitoring system to show the usage of the EAI entities. They monitor the EAI bus in real-time to collect data over the services invoked. The data is stored in a local database and processed to enable a presentation of sensible information.

However, they can only show information on single entities, there is no information to correlate the entities. This correlation is present however in the information stored in the EAI Wiki. So a next step would be to combine these two sets of information to enrich both environments. This way, it would not only be possible to show the load of a single service but also the load of a complete chain in relation to other chains.

Migration to stable environment

As stated in the previous section, the monitoring project stores its information in a database. This is a system in a stable environment with a designed data model and presentation technology. The EAI Wiki however is using a MediaWiki with underlying database without a clear data model. This route was chosen because the technology and knowledge was available and easy to expand at that time.

Currently however, it is hard to extract the information needed from the EAI Wiki database, e.g. to support the monitoring project. So a next step is to define a data model for the information stored in the EAI Wiki and create a new application to present this information. In short, the EAI Wiki environment is nice to build a prototype but for a maintainable and usable system, a different environment is desirable.

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