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WordPress is a wonderfull CMS with capabilities already extending into the application development. It’s already been since 2009 when I first came in contact with this open source application. Since then I’ve been doing a number of things exploring, using and contributing related to WordPress. The one’s I most proud of are listed here.

  1. Migrated, extend and maintain the site for Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland (in Dutch). This site is set up for the yoga teachers organisation. It presents information for members who can maintain their own subscription information. And it presents information for visitors, including the locations on a Google map where to find a qualified yoga teacher.
  2. Created a personal blog for JandB65 which might need a theme update ;-).
  3. Created and maintained the site for WMO-Cliëntenraad Midden Delfland (in Dutch).
  4. Contributed to the translation in Dutch for the Store Locator Plus plugin and its add-ons.
  5. Created an enhancement ticket #28214 including the patch for WordPress Core related to WP_Query.
  6. Created and presented a training for the users of the Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland site.
  7. Contributed to the forum of MyThemeShop. As a result, I was asked to participate in the support team.
  8. Created my own WP GraphViz plugin.
  9. Added bulk functionality to the Enhanced Media Library plugin.
  10. Created my own WP Media Category Management plugin.
  11. Created add-ons for the Store Locator Plus plugin:
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